Key information

As any self-respecting computer scientist and cryptography enthusiast should, I have a GPG key. Although rarely used, I do tend to sign my various packages with it.

My gpg key fingerprint is

1F8E 6406 BB4F C78F 0938  19E4 610B B162 DD63 4B39
And the subkey used for package signing has the fingerprint
3105 C7FF F107 AA2D E530  2E74 8319 B2F9 A139 EBDA
It can, of course, be found on all major keyservers, including MIT's.

I can also be found, using the same key, on, which includes proofs on twitter, github and my domain.

If you've come across something I signed before the June 2015, you'll likely be seeing my old, weak, and now phased-out key with fingerprint

368F E1BC 0449 7023 C393  1BE6 E400 7225 8B3A F881